Our policy


PJP Productions do not sell, exchange or pass on any information regarding our customers.

 All information about you, whether obtained from orders received in the normal course of business or given by you in the course of correspondence or conversation is treated in the strictest of confidence.

However, in the case of fraud or suspected fraud or copyright violation we would of course report these to the appropriate authorities and co-operate with them in any investigation including passing over all customer information relating to the transaction.

All goods are despatched in plain packaging and, unless otherwise stated at the time of order DVD boxes are not labelled. Projectpee & Naughtypee titles are supplied on labelled discs, bearing the title of the movie and a (non-explicit) background picture. If you require unlabelled discs, please mail us at the time of order. 

Credit Card Purchases Will Be Discretely Processed In The Name Of Our Holding Company, “Inglis Green”

There will be no reference on your credit card statement to Projectpee or pee videos.