Below Is A List Of Questions That We Have Been Asked From Time To Time. If Your Question Is Not Covered Please Mail Us At admin@pjpee-video.com

Q. How are the DVDs despatched. Will there be labels on the packaging or DVDs.

A. No there are no labels on the packaging, nor on the DVD cases and the return address, in case of non-delivery is our non-adult products company. Discs are despatched in quality cases, which bear only a reference number e.g PJP-10. The premium quality DVD discs from the Projectpee & Naughtypee ranges are fully photo printed but the illustrations are non-explicit and do not contain depictions of nudity or peeing. If you require plain discs or wish your order despatched in paper sleeves, rather than cases, please let us know at time of ordering. DVDs from the other producers, whose ranges we market will normally only bear a reference code.


Q. How will the charge appear on my card statement.

A. The charge will appear on your card statement as Inglis Green, our holding company. There will be no mention of PJPee, Projectpee or pee videos.




Q. What currency will I be billed in and will there be extra charges.

A. We charge cards in pounds sterling. We only charge the amount shown as the price of the video e.g. £35 If your card is not issued in the UK your card company will convert the charge to your local currency at the rate ruling at the time. Some non-UK card issuers may levy a charge for converting the sterling value to your local currency. 


Q. Is my order secure.

A. Yes, Although the actual transaction is processed in our office, we collect your details via a secure server, operated by Globecharge, one of the largest specialists in secure data collection, who match or exceed the standards required by the card issuers, in respect of secure data transmission. At no time will your details be transmitted over an open internet connection and sensitive card information is removed from the server immediately the transaction is finalised.


Q. I placed an order on-line and received an acknowledgement accepting the order but a few hours later I received an e-mail from you saying that my card had been declined. What’s going on?

A. The system generates an automatic acknowledgement but, the transactions are processed manually during our extended officehours. It’s not until we come to process the transaction that we receive and acceptance or decline for the card.


Q. What happens when a card is declined, do you keep trying it?

A. No. If your card is declined we will contact you and advise you. The order will be cancelled at that point and on no account will we continue to try to obtain payment on the card at a later date unless you specifically instruct us to do so.


Q. What happens if I have a problem playing the DVD?

A.   Defective discs are fortunately a rare occurrence but we will replace any faulty discs without quibble. In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty disc please simply mail us; do not return the faulty disc unless we ask you to do so. We always strive to give 100% Customer satisfaction. Please ensure that you order the correct regional format for your DVDs. In general terms, PAL is the standard format for the UK, Europe and Australia

Note. Discs claimed to be faulty will only be replaced by another disc of the same title. We do not accept discs for refund or exchange for any other reason.


Q. None of the payment options that you specify are possible for me, is there any other way that I can buy your DVDs ?

A.  It is impossible to cover every permutation of payment options on standard forms. Mail us at       admin@pjpee-video.com and we will do our best to arrange something for you.


Q. I’ve read the FAQ but there are other points that I want to clarify.

A.  Mail us at admin@pjpee-video.com and we will do our best to answer any question or resolve any problems.