Downloadable Movies

From September 1st 2008 Downloadable versions of our movies have been available from our alternative shop www.pjpee-media.com  (click link above to take you directly to the shop).

All of the Projectpee movies are available for immediate download. (Except PJP-01 The Wet Adventures of Amber & Libby, which will not be offered as a full movie download. However selected excerpts will be available in the Mini- Movie Section).

The latest Pee Devil Releases plus the most popular of the earlier titles, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 are also available for download. If there is sufficient interest in any of the other Pee Devil titles we will add them to the shop and so please let us know if you wish to purchase.

Pissbank & Exxxhaust movies are being added to to the download shop during September and a selection of X-Streams movies will be added as well

There will also be a selection of mini-movies to purchase and download. Some are one or several scenes from previously released Projectpee movies or have appeared in the Members area of the Projectpee website, but there will also be a selection of scenes which have been produced exclusively for sale from the PJPee-media shop. Several exclusive new mini movies are already available and more will be added regularly. More products will be added frequently, including new movie ranges and high resolution photo sets.

If there are more products which you are interested in please let us know and we will so our best to supply them.

All prices on the PJPee-media website are shown in Euros and sales are conducted by our authorised billers Digi-Content Sales Ltd. At present, only credit card sales via DCS can be processed and we are unable to accept payment by cash, bank transfer etc. This restriction only applies to downloadable goods from PJPee-media; there are no changes to DVD sales made from PJPee-Video.